Boss RV-6


-Input Impedance 1M Ohms

-Output Impedance 1k Ohms

-Mono or Stereo Out

-Expression Pedal input

Reverb Types

-Modulate, Spring, Plate, Hall, Room, Dynamic, Shimmer, and +Delay

Tone Controls

-Effect Level, Tone, Time, and Mode

Power Requirements 

-External 9v AC Adapter or 9v battery

-Current Draw 65 mA

Thoughts on the RV-6 Reverb by Boss

The Boss RV-6 is a fantastic reverb pedal, that is priced lower than many of its competitors. Though the RV-6 maybe priced cheaper, don’t let the price fool you. This pedal has every reverb effect you will ever need; from the spacious dynamic setting, to a traditional spring reverb. The big plus for this pedal is that it has a delay setting which allows for a greater tonal variety in one pedal. This is great for those looking to save room on their pedal board, or just keep a little money in their pocket.  My favorite setting on this pedal is the dynamic reverb. The dynamic reverb automatically sets the depth of the effect according to how I play. It gives a deep sounding reverb without washing out the tone of my guitar or amp. With it’s wide-variety of reverb settings it can used in any genre or style of music. It can also be used mono or stereo, and has a input for a expression pedal. The Boss RV-6, is in my opinion, the best reverb pedal under $200 on the market today.

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