MXR Micro Amp


-Input Impedance 1 MΩ

-Output Impedance 470 Ω

-Maximum Output Level +6 dBV

-Noise Floor -80 dBV

-Gain Control +0.5 dB to +26 dB

-Freq. Response 20 Hz to 20 kHz, +0 dB, -1.4 dB

-Hardwire Bypass

Tone Controls

-Single Gain Control Knob (+0.5 to +26 dB boost)

Power Requirements

-Power Supply 9 volts DC

-Current Draw 2.5 mA

Thoughts on the MXR Micro Amp

The Micro Amp is a great boost pedal that I currently use to match the output volume of different guitars. This pedal is able to increase the volume of my guitar without coloring my current tone. Using the Micro Amp as a volume boost to match the volume of different guitars isn’t the only way to use this pedal. This thing really comes to life when it is used as a solo boost. When used as a solo boost the Micro Amp adds tons of sustain and rich harmonics. Whether you need a boost to match the volumes of different guitars, or a simple clean boost for solos, the MXR Micro Amp will do the job.

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