TC Electronic Ditto Looper


-5 minutes of looping time

-Unlimited Overdubs

-24bit uncompressed audio

-True Bypass

Tone Controls

-Simple one knob level control

Power Requirements 

-External 9v AC adapter only

Thoughts on TC Electronic’s Ditto Looper

Practice makes perfect right? For many guitarist practice can become frustrating and boring. Before I purchased a Ditto Looper; I would load up a backing track on YouTube; fire away my best Minor Pentatonic licks; and many days completely neglect my rhythm playing. It wasn’t until I was jamming with another guitarist did I realize how much my rhythm guitar sucked. Shortly after that I went on the hunt for a practice tool. I soon discovered the Ditto Looper. And in short, this pedal is hands the most simple, needed, and undervalued pedal on the market. It not only helps you nail your rhythm techniques but also allows you to record song ideas with the tap of your foot. Made a mistake, simple, just double tap and hold and you’re set to record a fresh loop. My favorite thing to do on the Looper is layer a simple chord progression, and practice my lead guitar over the top. Now, with the help the Ditto looper, I am practicing my lead and rhythm guitar at the same time. With Ditto’s small foot print, it goes unnoticed on my pedal board, until I fire it up for some practice. Many guitarist believe their first pedal should be an overdrive/distortion pedal. I know I did,  mine was a Boss DS-1. The Ditto Looper however, should be the first pedal that any guitarist beginner or professional purchases for their pedal board.

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