Guitar Safari?

“Guitar Safari,” a term I first heard from the great Joe Bonamassa, can be defined as a expedition to find, try, and acquire new gear. My first safari was in Maryland when I got in my car and took off to Island Music Company. Island Music Company came to be my go-to guitar store in Maryland. The store was small, but stocked everything I needed. This shop is where I purchased my first Fender Strat a (MIM) Classic 50’s in surf green. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to keep a guitar for more than a year so the strat was traded off for a Gibson Les Paul, which still have…for now. Before my first trip to Island Music Company, I purchased everything from online guitar super stores like Musician’s Friend or Sweetwater. Though these websites stock everything imaginable, there is only one problem: you can’t try the gear you want before ordering it. By going out on these guitar safaris, you get to experience the gear first-hand, not over the speakers of you laptop. Going out, finding, and exploring guitar shops has put more used and new gear into my hands. These expeditions  to  local guitar shops have helped me understand what gear I like and what gear I dislike. So ditch the YouTube reviews, get in your car, and go out and explore all the local guitar stores in your area. You never know what you might find!

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