MXR Custom Shop’s Il Torino Overdrive


-Input Impedance 2.4 MΩ, 1 kHz

-Output Impedance 24 kΩ max

-Nominal Output Level* -17 dBV

-Noise Floor* -100 dBV

-Bypass Buffered with MOSFET technology which recreates the gain structure of classic tube amps.

Tone Controls

-BASS ±9 dB, 40 Hz

-MID ±5.5 dB, 600 Hz

-TREBLE ±6.5 dB, 10 kHz

-Distortion Gain 34 dB to 67 dB

Power Requirements

-Power Supply DC 9 volts/9v Battery

-Current Draw 4.7 mA

Thoughts on the Il Torino Overdrive by MXR

Designed by Carlo Sorasio, a famous Italian amp and pedal builder, the Il Torino Overdrive pedal is a Boost/Overdrive pedal with a simple three band EQ that gives you a variety of tonal options. This pedal goes from a clean boost to a super compressed overdrive that reminds me of a cranked tube amplifier. My favorite setting on this pedal is the overdrive engaged: Treble 11 o’clock; Mids 2 0’clock; and Bass 1 0’clock; with the master volume at 12 o’clock and the gain maxed out. This setting gives you a very compressed overdrive that works great as a lead or rhythm tone. The Il Torino works great as a standalone overdrive, but really sings when boosted with a clean boost or tube screamer-type pedal.  If you’re looking for a multipurpose overdrive then this pedal is worth checking out.

Below is an audio clip recorded with a 1989 Fender Strat (MIJ) into a Blackstar HT1 with a Boss RV-6, for a touch of reverb. The audio clip plays, in order: a clean amp with no pedal; the Il Tornio in boost mode all knobs 12 o’clock; overdrive mode all knobs 12 o’clock; and finally, my favorite settings listed in the above review. (Best enjoyed with headphones!)

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